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Let them know what’s on the menu without risking their health. Like putting a face mask and gloves on them, only better. Print menu is dead. Hello, virtual world!

We have got the best solution

Our user-friendly, easy-to-use web app gives you the freedom to create stunning menus with little effort and serve them to your customers. Now you can tell covid-19 to shove it.

Digitize your customers' dining experience

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Signing up with our menu platform is super easy. It’s like eating your favourite dessert. To get started, just enter your email in the tab below and hit “Try for free”.  Confirm your email and fill a really short form. Yes, it’s that simple. It only takes 10 minutes.

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Bring your menu to life with appetizing, hunger-inducing meal photos and mouth-watering descriptions. Upload your photos in JPG or PDF and get a QR code for your guests.

Guests scan the QR code

To view your menu, your guests only need to scan the QR code and voila, your tasty dishes will be at their fingertips. Our contactless menu is compatible with all kinds of mobile devices – phones and tablets.

We make it easy for you to keep your customers safe.

For less then $0,30 per day.

Try 7 days for free, after that only $9 per month.
"From signup to publishing this is by far the easiest digital menu creator I've seen. Simplicity at its best!"
Jonatan Heuvel

3 more reasons to use our contactless menu

Collect valuable customer data
Save the trees with paperless menu.
Stay in business amidst the crisis.

Dining just got safer.
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